Since most of the blogs on this site are geared towards my cruise ship experiences, I thought I would make a table of contents for easier navigation. You'll find the blogs organized by contract date, and then in descending order. Plus, a link for the contents menu will always be available on the upper right hand side of your screen. As new blogs are posted, they will eventually be updated here!

The 2010-2011 Contract - Japan, etc... 
Kon’nichiwa Asuka II Part One - 乗船
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Two - The Pros and Cons of Bathing
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Three - Around (Half) the World in Eighty Fifty-Three Days
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Four - Shrines, Hula Dancers, and Rubber Chicken
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Five - Dancing in The Streets
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Six - Proving the Stacks of Wood Equation
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Seven - Exotic, Delicious, Stimulating
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Eight - Watch Me Eat A Bug
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Nine - Oh My God... It's Still Moving
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Ten - Let's Cross The Street and Poop!
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Eleven - Getting Shanghaied in Shanghai
Kon'nichiwa Asuka II Part Twelve - Your Red Nose is Necessary!
The 2008 Contract - Bermuda, New England, Canada
St. George's Dream Part One - Embarkation
St. George's Dream Part Two - St.George's Reality 
St. George's Dream Part Three - Beach Days and Mooring Deck Nights 
St. George's Dream Part Four - Drinking, Debauchery, and America's Independence
St. George's Dream Part Five - Ship Life As Usual 
St. George's Dream Part Six - Wanda Sykes Would Make An Ugly Dolphin 
St. George's Dream Part Seven - We Sing, We Fall, We Steal Mattresses
St. George's Dream Part Eight - Smart Ass Canadians and Their Plaques
St. George's Dream Part Nine - Canada is Killing My Tan
St. George's Dream Part Ten - The Water and Chocolate of Canada - ALL LIES 
St. George's Dream Part Eleven - There's Never a Dull Moment on The Dream
St. George's Dream Part Twelve - Postcards From Bermuda 
St. George's Dream Part Thirteen - I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. Maiquez
St. George's Dream Part Fourteen - The Final Week That Was

The Fall 2007 Contract - Baltic, Mediterranean, Trans-Atlantic
The European Dream Part One - Embarkation
The European Dream Part Two - When Bus Is Full We Go! 
The European Dream Part Three - From Russia With Love
The European Dream Part Four - Yellowbluevase
The European Dream Part Five - Eiffel Tower or Bust
The European Dream Part Six - Wine, Cheese, and Monkeys
Livin' The Dream: A Look Back

The Spring 2007 Contract - Caribbean
It All Starts Here! (Prologue) 
The Dream Part One - Embarkation
The Dream Part Two - At Sea
The Dream Part Three - Spring Break
The Dream Part Four - The Pearl
The Dream Part Five - Birthdayapalooza 
The Dream Part Six - Mexican Chocolate Cats & Movies
The Dream Part Seven - Beaches and Caves
The Dream Part Eight - Disembarkation

The 2005 Contract - Caribbean, Panama Transit, Alaska
The First Dream- Greetings From Florida! 
The First Dream - Greetings From New Orleans! 
The First Dream - Greetings From The Cayman Islands!
The First Dream - Greetings From The Hubbard Glacier, Alaska!
The First Dream - Greetings From... The Ocean!
The First Dream - Greetings From Prince Rupert, BC!
The First Dream - Greetings From Vera Cruz, Mexico!
The First Dream - Greetings From The Gulf of Mexico!

The 2004 Contract - Mediterranean
The Lost Contract - Silver Cloud Part One 
The Lost Contract - Silver Cloud Part Two