Friday, February 16, 2007

It All Starts Here!

This is the place where you'll get your fix on all the things I see and do while living and working on board the M/S Norwegian Dream. But, since I am not on board yet, let me show you some of my favorite pictures from my last outing...

Hiking in Seward, Alaska... in JUNE

Me and my buddy Lyle, about to go on stage in "Sea Legs at Sea"

The Dream in Drydock (in case you didn't know, its a boy ship)

Mt. Robers in Kethican, Alaska

The only museum I saw in Haines, Alaska

Hot Tubbin with my buddies Michael and Udi outside the Hubbard Glacier

Taking in a waterfall next to a glacier in Whittier, Alaska

Four ships docked in the Grand Caymans

Tossing a snow ball high atop Juneau, Alaska

An Alaskan clearance sale

Chilling out in Acapulco

Chilling out on a glacier

"I'm gonna have to see some ID"

"Hey, yeah, I see it too!"

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

The Dream
That's all for now! Watch this space for more...
Your pal,
Michael Lamendola

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